Steering Committee

Steering Committee Chairs

Prof. Kun Yang
University of Essex, United Kingdom

My current research activities are focused on advancing new technologies related to communication and network systems, and on the fundamentals underlying them, including communication theory, algorithms, network science, machine learning and edge intelligence. In particular I am interested in energy aspects of future communication systems such as 6G, promoting energy self-sustainability via both energy efficiency (green communications and networking) and energy harvesting (wireless charging). I have published 300+ technical papers and 2 monographs in the above areas. I have been managing research projects funded by various sources such as UK EPSRC, EU FP7/H2020 and industries (e.g., British Telecom). I coordinated one EU FP7 research project (EVANS). I have been a Judge of GSMA Global Mobile Awards (MWC-Barcelona) since 2019 and a member of UK EPSRC Peer Review College since 2008. I serve on editorial boards of both IEEE journals (e.g., IEEE TNSE, ComMag, WCL) and non-IEEE journals (e.g., Deputy EiC of IET Smart Cities). I have been actively organizing international conferences/symposia/workshops, such as IEEE ComSoc flagship conference Globecom. I am a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE ComSoc (2020-2021).

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Prof. Victor C. M. Leung
University of British Columbia, Canada

My research interests are in the area of telecommunications and computer communications networking. The scope of the research includes design, evaluation, and analysis of network architectures, protocols, and network management, control, and internetworking strategies for reliable, efficient, and cost effective communications. The convergence of wireless and broadband communications has led to the integration of heterogeneous wireless and wireline networking technologies, often into the same device, to enable ubiquitous multimedia communications among people and machines regardless of locations and mobility.  The thrust of the research is to contribute to the development of this emerging global network, with current focuses on energy efficient service provisioning over 5G wireless mobile broadband networks and beyond. The issues addressed include mainly: scheduling and resource management in networks to provide quality of service guarantees, design of network architectures and protocols for high performance and energy-efficient broadband communications, development of protocols and mechanisms for security and privacy in wireless networks, and development of protocols and algorithms for application-specific wireless networking. Most projects involve novel designs and performance evaluation by modeling and analysis using analytical, numerical, and simulation methods. While optimization techniques are widely used in the research, increasing model-free machine-learning based approaches are contemplated to facilitate practical implementations.

Steering Committee Member

Prof. Peter Han Joo Chong
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Dr. Peter Han Joo Chong is a full professor and an Associate Head of School (Research), School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He received the Ph.D. degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada, in 2000. He was previously an Associate Professor (tenured) in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Between 2013 and 2016, he was a Director of Infinitus, Centre for Infocomm Technology, at NTU. From February 2001 to May 2002, he was a Research Engineer at Nokia Research Center, Finland. Between July 2000 and January 2001, he worked in the Advanced Networks Division at Agilent Technologies Canada Inc., Canada. His research interests are in the areas of mobile communications systems including MANETs/VANETs, V2X, Internet of Things/Vehicles, artificial intelligence for wireless networks, and 5G networks. He has published over 300 research articles. He is a Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET). He is an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Information Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and an Honorary Professor at Amity University, India.