Accepted papers

Optimal Wind Power Integration in Microgrid: A Dynamic Demand Response Game Approach
Residential Energy Consumption Prediction Based on Encoder-decoder LSTM
Pattern-Preserved Normalization Enabled User Profiling
Simulation generation algorithm for foggy days in naturalĂ‚  scenes
Design and Research of Segmented Ice Melting System for 10kV Distribution Network
A Two-Step Approach for Forecasting Wind Speed at Offshore Wind Farms during Typhoons
Analysis of Electric Vehicle Load Aggregators’ Participation in Power Trading Mode During the Peak Load Period
Forecast of the ice disaster in Hunan power grid in late January 2022 using a high resolution global NWP model
Multi-angle Identification of Small Target Faults in Transmission Lines Based on Improved YOLOX Algorithm
Electricity Anomaly Detection Research of Flue-cured Tobacco Users Considering the Characteristics of Industry Electricity Consumption Behavior
Optimized Operation of Integrated Electricity-Heat-Gas Energy System Considering the Optimal Consumption of Wind and Photovoltaic Power Generation
Carbon Emission Accounting of Typical Megacities Based on Electricity Statistics
Comprehensive Evaluation of Carbon Emission Reduction Maturity of Typical Megacities
Offloading Tasks Delay Minimization in UAV-Assisted Edge Computing System
Voltage control strategy of power distribution network with schedulable distributed resources
The evaluation method of distribution network operation performance based on combination weighting and improved grey correlation
Direct power supply identification method of PV power based on affinity propagation clustering
Research on Typhoon Identification of FY-4A Satellite Based on CNN-LSTM Model
Experimental study on the production and distribution characteristics of gases during the early stage in cable tunnel fires
Research on Low Carbon Development Planning of Public Transportation Energy Based on System Dynamics
Design of Primary System of An Urban 110kV Substation
Research progress on on-orbit calibration of infrared sensors for power grid fire monitoring
Regional model simulation of the ice disaster in Hunan power grid during January 2022: Effect of Nanling Mountains on precipitation
Two-stage Dynamic Voltage/Var Control in Distribution Network Considering Uncertain Distributed Generations
Simulation Research on the Ground Resistance Measurement of the Tower with Clamp Meter Considering the Influence of the Tower Foundation
 Energy Management for SOFC Hybrid DC Microgrids When External Power Goes Up
Hybrid single-line-to-ground fault arc suppression method in distribution network
Condition assessment of oil-immersed transformers based on fuzzy theory and combination weighting of least squares
Design and Implementation of Tracking Smart Car with Wireless Communication Functions
An Optimized Depth Complementation of Transparent Objects Based Robotic Arm Grasping System
Effect of SnO2 doping on the performance of high voltage ZnO varistors
Impact and Improvement of Distributed Photovoltaic  grid-connected on Power Quality
Research on the Influence of Distributed Photovoltaic grid-connected on the Operation Characteristics of Wide Range OLTC Transformer
Exploration and research on the full-stack design of IoT for smart greenhouses
Experimental Study on the Influence of Defect Characteristics of XLPE Cable on the Initial Voltage of Electrical Tree
Study on the Influence of Defect Characteristics of XLPE Cable on Electrical Tree Deterioration
Research on A Fuzzy Adaptive PID Control Method for Four Rotor UAV Control System
An Auto Disturbance Rejection Control Method for Four Rotor UAV Flight Operation
Research on Optimal Control Method of Four Rotor UAV Based on BP Neural Network
Dynamic Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Four Rotor UAV
Research on Control Method of Four Rotor UAV Based on Classical PID Control System
Research on Target Tracking Technology of UAV in Distribution Network Based on Deep Learning
Development of a Fast DC Switch Based on Electromagnetic Repulsion Mechanism
Design of normally-on series solid-state bypass switch of Distribution Grid
Fault Protection Method of Single-Phase Break for Distribution Network Based on Negative-Zero Sequence Current Ratio
SE Block-Assisted ResNet for Channel Estimation in OFDM System
Simultaneous effect of wind and photovoltaic installed capacity growth on the adequacy of new energy
Improved YOLOX transmission line insulator identification
Analysis and Prospect of Regional Distributed Photovoltaic Construction in Hunan
Research on Fast Access Technology Based on Shared Energy Storage of Electric Vehicles
Frequency Regulation with Mileage Payments: Is a Competitive Market Always the Winner?
Augmented Reality Based Tour Guide Application
Rate Distortion Analysis of Wavefield Coding in Wireless Geophone Networks
On-site Development of State Estimation System for Distribution Power Grid
A Data-Driven Method for Residential Transformers Winding Connections and Capacities Recognition in DMS