Voov/Tencent Meeting guide

EAI SmartGIFT 2022 will be held in an online interactive format via a Voov Meeting. This brief guide will provide you with the most important information that will help you have the best possible experience.

Technical details:

  • For the best experience, we recommend you to download and install the Voov Meeting: https://voovmeeting.com/
  • We encourage you to test the quality of your webcam and microphone before joining the Meeting.
  • All presentations will be played from a pre-recorded video and followed by a short live Q&A session.
  • If you are a presenting author, please make sure to be present to answer questions at the time specified in the conference Program. 

Joining the Voov Meeting

  • Details required in order to join the Meeting are sent to all Registrants via email approximately 4 days before the scheduled start of the conference. If you have not received such an email, please check your spam box before you contact the conference manager or members of the organizing committee.
  • Each day of the conference has a separate meeting scheduled with its own ID and Passcode.
  • You may join the meeting either by clicking the Join link in the email you received, or by entering the Meeting ID in the Voov client.
  • All participants join the Meeting with their webcam on and the microphone off. Feel free to say hi after you join, but please remember to keep your microphone muted during the conference sessions.

Participating in the Voov Meeting:

  • All participants are free to use the Chat function to talk amongst themselves for the entire duration of the Meeting.
  • To participate in the Q&A, participants may use Chat to ask questions during and briefly after the presentation.
  • The moderator will select questions and read them out loud during the Q&A. At this time the presenting author may unmute their microphone and answer questions.
  • In case the Q&A sessions are cut short due to time constraints, participants may use the Meeting during various Breaks to continue the discussion, or they may continue the Q&A after the final session of the day after an agreement with the Moderator. 


  • Participants are not allowed to share their screens. All presentations are displayed from the Moderator’s shared screen.
  • In the unlikely case of disrupting behavior from an attendee or attendees, organizers of the conference reserve the right to perform the following actions without prior warning:
    • Mute an attendee/attendees.
    • Remove an attendee/attendees from the Meeting without an option to reconnect.