EAI SmartGIFT 2022
7th EAI International Conference on Smart Grid and Innovative Frontiers in Telecommunications

Time zone – CST (China)

Day 1 – 10/12/2022

9:00 – 9:05 Opening Ceremony

An opening message by the conference organizers by Prof. Hongming Yang

9:05 – 9:15 Welcome Message by EAI

9:15 – 9:45 Keynote Prof. Archie Johnston

Title: Innovation and Strategic Role of Smart Grid Technology

9:45 – 10:15 Keynote Prof. Hongming Yang, Prof. Chenye Wu, and Dr. Sheng Xiang

Title: Learning for the Future Power Grid

10:15 – 10:30 Coffee/ Tea Break

10:30 – 13:00 Session 1: Simulation and analysis of the integrated energy system (Chair: Fei Jiang, Vice-chair: Zheng Lan)

  • Presentation 1:10:30-10:50  

Optimized Operation of Integrated Electricity-Heat-Gas Energy System Considering the Optimal Consumption of Wind and Photovoltaic Power Generation by Dr. Zheng Lan 325372

  • Presentation 2:10:50-11:10  

Carbon Emission Accounting of Typical Megacities Based on Electricity Statistics by Dr. Zheng Lan 324651

  • Presentation 3:11:10-11:30  

Comprehensive Evaluation of Carbon Emission Reduction Maturity of Typical Megacities by Dr. Zheng Lan 324652

  • Presentation 4:11:30-11:50  

Voltage Control Strategy of Power Distribution Network with Schedulable Distributed Resources by Dr. Zheng Lan 325732

11:50 – 12:00 Coffee Break

  • Presentation 5:12:00-12:20  

The Evaluation Method of Distribution Network Operation Performance based on Combination Weighting and Improved Grey Correlation by Dr. Fei Jiang 325733

  • Presentation 6:12:20-12:40  

Multi-angle Identification of Small Target Faults in Transmission Lines Based on Improved YOLOX Algorithm Dr. Fei Jiang 325383

  • Presentation 7:12:40-13:00  

Fault Protection Method of Single-Phase Break for Distribution Network Based on Negative-Zero Sequence Current Ratio by Dr. Fei Jiang 325009

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch

14:00 – 17:00 Session 2: Disaster Prevention & Reduction for Power Grid
(Chair: Zhiyao Fu,Vice Chair:Yongxi Zhang)

  • Presentation 1:14:00-14:20  

Forecast of the ice disaster in Hunan power grid in late January 2022 using a high resolution global NWP model by Dr. Lei Wang  325619

  • Presentation 2:14:20-14:40  

A Two-Step Approach for Forecasting Wind Speed at Offshore Wind Farms during Typhoons by Dr.Xuan Liu 323785

  • Presentation 3:14:40-15:00  

Regional model simulation of the ice disaster in Hunan power grid during January 2022: Effect of Nanling Mountains on precipitation by Dr.Tao Feng  325409

  • Presentation 4:15:00-15:20  

Research on Typhoon Identification of FY-4A Satellite Based on CNN-LSTM Model by Dr.Wenqing Feng 324977

  • Presentation 5:15:20-15:40

Condition assessment of oil-immersed transformers based on fuzzy theory and combination weighting of least squares by Dr.Wenqing Feng 325665

15:40 – 15:50 Coffee/ Tea Break

  • Presentation 6:15:50-16:10

Research progress on on-orbit calibration of infrared sensors for power grid fire monitoring by Dr.Wenqing Feng 324846

  • Presentation 7:16:10-16:30

Design and Research of Segmented Ice Melting System for 10kV Distribution Network by Xiang Cai 324437

  • Presentation 8:16:30-16:50

Effect of SnO2 doping on the performance of high voltage ZnO varistors by Dr. Bowen Wang 323775

  • Presentation 9:16:50-17:10

Simulation generation algorithm for foggy days in natural  scenes by Jianpeng Liu 323246

17:10 – 18:00 Dinner

18:00 – 19:40 Session 3: Industry 4.0 applications
(Chair: Feng Deng, Vice Chair:Jingjie Huang)

  • Presentation 1:18:00-18:20

Electricity Anomaly Detection Research of Flue-cured Tobacco Users Considering the Characteristics of Industry Electricity Consumption Behavior by Qingqing Chen 325017

  • Presentation 2:18:20-18:40

Direct power supply identification method of PV power based on affinity propagation clustering By Hanjun Deng 324934

  • Presentation 3:18:40-19:00

An Optimized Depth Complementation of Transparent Objects Based Robotic Arm Grasping System By Zhaojian Gu 324484

  • Presentation 4:19:00-19:20

Development of a Fast DC Switch Based on Electromagnetic Repulsion Mechanism by Shenqing Xu 324366

  • Presentation 5:19:20-19:40

Improved YOLOX transmission line insulator identification by Zhongqi Zhao 325025

Day 2 – 11/12/2022

9:00 – 12:10 Session 4: Flexible planning and regulation techniques in smart grids
(Chair:Sheng Xiang,Vice-Chair:Chenye Wu)

  • Presentation 1:9:00-9:20

Research on Low Carbon Development Planning of Public Transportation Energy Based on System Dynamics by Mr. Yawen Zeng 325083

  • Presentation 2:9:20-9:40

Two-stage Dynamic Voltage/Var Control in Distribution Network Considering Uncertain Distributed Generations by Dr. Feng Qiao 324092

  • Presentation 3:9:40-10:00

Energy Management for SOFC Hybrid DC Microgrids When External Power Goes Up by Mr. Jian Zhang 324973

  • Presentation 4:10:00-10:20

Design and Implementation of Tracking Smart Car with Wireless Communication Functions by Mr. Jian Zhang 325002

10:20 – 10:30 Coffee/ Tea Break

  • Presentation 5:10:30-10:50

Optimal Wind Power Integration in Microgrid: A Dynamic Demand Response Game Approach by Mr. Fengchao Chen 324355

  • Presentation 6:10:50-11:10

Residential Energy Consumption Prediction Based on Encoder-decoder LSTM by Mr. Junni Su 324353

  • Presentation 7:11:10-11:30

Pattern-Preserved Normalization Enabled User Profiling by Mr. Fengchao Chen 324354

  • Presentation 8:11:30-11:50

Multi-energy Coordinated Dispatch of Integrated Transportation Hub During Peak-period Transactions by Mr. Conglin Fang 324633

  • Presentation 9:11:50-12:10

Frequency Regulation with Mileage Payments: Is a Competitive Market Always the Winner by Mr. Ran Zhang 323776

12:10 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 16:40 Session 5: Smart control and diagnose of distributed power system
(Chair: Chun Chen, Vice-Chair: Chenhao Sun)

  • Presentation 1:14:00-14:20

Hybrid single-line-to-ground fault arc suppression method in distribution network by Miss Qiong Liu 324844

  • Presentation 2:14:20-14:40

SE Block-Assisted ResNet for Channel Estimation in OFDM System by Mr. Yuanhai Liang 324829

  • Presentation 3:14:40-15:00

Experimental Study on the Influence of Defect Characteristics of XLPE Cable on the Initial Voltage of Electrical Tree by Dr. Dai Wan 325679

  • Presentation 4:15:00-15:20

Study on the Influence of Defect Characteristics of XLPE Cable on Electrical Tree Deterioration by Xujin Duan 325678

15:20 – 15:30 Coffee/ Tea Break

  • Presentation 5:15:30-15:50

Impact and Improvement of Distributed Photovoltaic grid-connected on Power Quality by Simin Peng 325681

  • Presentation 6:15:50-16:10

Research on the Influence of Distributed Photovoltaic grid-connected on the Operation Characteristics of Wide Range OLTC Transformer by Simin Peng 325681

  • Presentation 7:16:10-16:30

Research on Fast Access Technology Based on Shared Energy Storage of Electric Vehicles by Jinliang Li 325680

  • Presentation 8:16:30-16:50

Simulation Research on the Ground Resistance Measurement of the Tower with Clamp Meter Considering the Influence of the Tower Foundation by Zoujun Wang 325722

16:50 – 18:00 Dinner

18:00 – 20:00 Session 6: Control and operation of UAV
(Chair: Wen Wang,Vice -Chair Yufei Yue)

  • Presentation 1:18:00-18:20

Research on A Fuzzy Adaptive PID Control Method for Four Rotor UAV Control System by Peng Liang 325677

  • Presentation 2:18:20-18:40  

An Auto Disturbance Rejection Control Method for Four Rotor UAV Flight Operation by Yingying Yi 325676

  • Presentation 3:18:40-19:00

Research on Optimal Control Method of Four Rotor UAV Based on BP Neural Network by Hengyi Zhou 325675

  • Presentation 4:19:00-19:20

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Four Rotor UAV by Miao Zhao 325674

  • Presentation 5:19:20-19:40

Research on Control Method of Four Rotor UAV Based on Classical PID Control System by Jingyang wang 325672

  • Presentation 6:19:40-20:00

Research on Target Tracking Technology of UAV in Distribution Network Based on Deep Learning by Wenhui Mo 325671

20:00 – 20:20 Closing Remarks & Best Paper Award